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Creativity, Innovation

Bineth and Group, formerly known as Pointy Management Inc, is a Brooklyn-based development firm founded in 2011 by Chananya Bineth. Establishing his company upon the fundamentals of innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurship, Bineth and Group never loses touch with these core values. We strive for the highest levels of professionalism, always staying ahead of the curve, seizing disregarded opportunities and constantly raising the bar higher.


Steadily expanding the company over the last decade, Chananya Bineth has maintained a reputation for integrity and consistency, rooting those elements deep into the foundation of his blossoming company. As a relentless go getter, every challenge is perceived as an opportunity to turn visions into realities and create new success stories.


To date, the Bineth and Group company operates four independent businesses under its umbrella. With Pointy Travel, 21B, Design & Budget and The Recap Group all possessing unique roles, concepts and goals, our culture of team collaboration and efficiency is our catalyst for success. Working with the attitude that the unattainable will yield to teamwork, the word impossible ceases to exist as dreams are realized.

Company Setup

Intelligible Business Model

As of July 2022, Pointy Travel manages four travel-related sub-projects. 21b possesses six real estate projects. Design&Budget and The Recap Group are separated entities architecture and media platforms. Other projects are directly managed by the CEO of Bineth Group.

Team Setup

Straight-up Agile Team

Bineth & Group, and all of the entities under the umbrella work with the Agile methodology. Each team’s Product Owners and Scrum Masters oversee the team members and developers. Our teams are small groups of collaborators that all work together to complete and deliver products based on the individual business’ needs.
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